Finding a School Online

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Online schools can be the answer to someone’s prayers, or they can be a nightmare. As with everything else on the Internet, many online school choices are out there…but finding them, and making the right choice, requires a set of skills that not everyone may possess.

First of all, merely running a Google search for “online school” or “online schools” can lead to intimidating and confusing results for many people. Many of the helpful “guide” and “directory” websites are merely cleverly disguised (or not so cleverly disguised) fronts for specific schools (or even sites that have nothing to do with education at all!).

Secondly, the more specific you can be, the more help you can find about online schools. Going in with only a vague plan of action is very likely to end up in distraction and frustration. Rather than beginning by looking for an online school, you may want to take a hard look at your own needs and situation.

Are you looking at online schools because you want to replace or enhance the brick-and-mortar school option? Are you looking for full-time schooling, part-time, or simply a quick class or two here and there? Would you prefer attentive, hands-on teachers who will keep in contact with you or are you perfectly happy at an online school with limited communication?

On a more pragmatic note, do you expect to use your online education for specific work-related goals or as a gateway to further education? Plenty of fully accredited online schools exist, but not all of them will necessarily help you further your goals. There are many online nursing schools, but few can promise you a nursing job when you are done.

Usually, online high school courses can be used to qualify for your GED, but not all of them will assist you if you decide to apply for associate or four-year college studies. Likewise, you can pursue a Bachelors’ degree online, but not all will help you get into graduate school.